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Desk with two computers.

You Are the Facilitator

When running a business of any size today, it is so important to remember that the products you provide and the services you offer help human beings with real wants and needs. Read about how your services aren’t just the end goal for your customers but the means by which your customers get there.

Desktop and laptop computers.

4 Common Website Myths Hurting Your Business

Read about four common myths people believe about the purpose and benefits of a website for their business. Learn how and why believing these misconceptions can hurt your business and the steps you can take to counteract them.

MacBook and Mac on a Desk

The Next Chapter

I’m back! Read about my most recent entrepreneurial journey and next steps with the business and site. New and updated content are coming soon so stay connected here and via the newsletter.

Rose Carrie Radio Podcast

Rose Carrie Radio: Confidence is Cultivated

Listen to this Rose Carrie Radio podcast episode where I discuss how confidence is an inside job and how giving it the attention it requires can lead to wonderful outcomes in both life and work.